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Racing, football by car and wandering in a magical forest – this article is about video games for Xbox One S which would turn into a great holiday present.

What is Xbox One S?

Xbox One S

This is a compact version of the original Xbox One. It is 40% smaller than the previous version, but if there is nothing to compare it with, here is its dimensions: 279 × 229 × 51 mm against 333 × 274 × 79 mm. Also, you do not have to break your brain with where to hide a wire and power supply: it is built into the case of the console.

Xbox One S Console Vertical Right Angle

A small box can be an entertainment for family. However, there is a risk that it will suffer the fate of the railway or radio-controlled helicopter: you might buy it for children, but it is parents who play it. In any case, this console can be a great entertainment for New Year’s party.

Xbox One S is a full Blu-Ray player with 4K support. In combination with HDR image quality in games and movies goes to a whole new level, and the colors look pretty realistic.

What Games are Worth Buying?

1Forza Horizon 4

Age limit: 6+.

Races are beautiful at any time of the year. Wade through autumn dirt or make your way through snowy peaks, dynamic change of seasons is the main feature of the new game in the series Forza. Everything looks very realistic in this game: the weather affects the control of the car, so every race is a new challenge. Together with Forza Horizon you will not even notice that the holidays are over and it is already time to get to work.

2Sea of Thieves

Age limit: 12+.

This game is for those who have dreamed of becoming a pirate but in reality have to deal with office routine. Sea of Thieves suggests a journey through the seas, battles, duels, treasures and walking skeletons. Surf the oceans alone or find a team of desperate fellow travelers, it will turn into a dangerous adventure with lots of fun. To play Sea of Thieves with your friends, you need an Xbox Live Gold subscription.

3Super Lucky’s Tale

Age limit: 6+.

Fox Lucky goes to rescue the Book of Ages, the one which wants to obtain villain Jinx. Lucky is going to confront the Kitty Litter, Jinx’s mischievous kids. Lucky allies with Yetis, Kookie Sppokies and farming worms. You need a savvy and quick reaction which will help you solve all the puzzles.

4Ori and the Blind Forest

Age limit: from 3 years.

The magic forest Nibel is dying: after a strong storm the Spirit Tree can no longer give it the necessary energy. The only hope is a tiny creature named Ori who is destined to save the native forest from imminent death. This is a incredibly beautiful video game for children and adults, with carefully designed graphics and simple but touching plot.

5Human: Fall Flat

Age limit: 6+.

If you need a video game to get stuck for a few hours (or days) and not particularly think, Human: Fall Flat is probably the best one here. Meet its main character: it is small human called Bob. He is not very confident on his feet and always sees dreams where he must solve puzzles.

There are no complicated scenarios, you have all the freedom of action: interact with all the objects which you see, change Bob’s appearance. You can even teach him to walk steadily.

6Rocket League

Age limit: 0+.

Football and cars are a combination that is doomed to success. Rocket League brings fun to a whole new level: teams of four cars have to drive a giant ball into the goal, ignoring the laws of physics. And who even needs these laws when you can plunge into football madness, turn a somersault and soar up the walls? A great way to have fun if you are tired of New Year’s routine.

7Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure

Age limit: 6+.

This video game is a must-have for fans of Disney Pixar. In the game you will meet the heroes of your favorite cartoons, such as “Super Family”, “Ratatouille”, “Up”, “Cars”, “Toy Story” and “Finding Dory”. Your task is to help them cope with puzzles and various quizes. The game is a perfect solution to entertain you children who are tired of watching paint dry at holidays.

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